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22.6. - 6.7.1763 ● 6.1. - 7.11.1766 ● 11. - 26.10.1777 ● 7. - 10.3.1781 ● 28. - about 29.10.1790
Paternally, the Mozarts are a Swabian family whose most famous member was W.A. Mozart. His father Leopold was born in Augsburg in 1719. Here Leopold learned musical basics along with foreign languages and natural sciences. He remained in contact with his hometown all his life. Along with other works he also published his violin technique here. It is considered a standard work of the 18th century and contains visionary basic principles and objectives for the education of Leopold's famous son. In 1763, 1766 and 1781 both father and son were in Augsburg together. In 1777 the son gave a guest performance in his father's hometown and experienced his first adventure with his cousin ("Bäsle") Maria Anna Thekla Mozart.
Wolfgang addressed his famous "Bäsle letters" to her. Wolfgang's last visit to the free imperial city was in 1790.


Augsburg is one of Germany's oldest cities. The city was founded around 15 B.C under the rule of Augustus Caesar and was the Roman provincial capital for more than 400 years.
The free imperial city reached its economical heyday in the 15th and 16th centuries mostly due to the trade and banking transactions of the Fugger and Welser families. Augsburg was one of the metropolises of early modern times. Historical downtown Augsburg, which was designed for the most part by Elias Holl, still offers an image of that splendid era today. In the 18th century Augsburg was famous for its goldsmiths and silversmiths.
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Mozart events

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Following Mozart

  • Am Schwalbeneck 1
  • Barefoot Church
    Mittlerer Lech 3
  • Annastraße 9
  • At the Jakobskirche 3
    Site of the theater (Komödienstadl)
  • Site of the Fugger Palace with concert hall
    Maximilianstrasse 36 - 38