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Roughly 100 Mozart associations worldwide have as their common goal the cultivation and dissemination of Mozart's musical heritage through a variety of activities. Artistic and scholarly collaborations relating to the life and works of Mozart whether in a concert setting or fostering one of the numerous Mozart sites are primary focus of these organizations.

The activities of these groups network with the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg and culminate in the annual meeting of Mozart Associations in Salzburg.

Greek Mozart Society

The Greek Mozart Society was founded by Loris Margaritis around 1920 in Thessaloniki. Loris Margaritis admired and perpetuated by Thomas Mann in his novel ‘Das Wunderkind’, he carried on the tradition of Liszt. He was a pupil of Bernhard Stavenhangen and for many years prominent member of the Mozarteum Institution. The goals of the society focus on the connection with Mozart´s spirituality and the Weimar Classic ideals, the diffusion of musical compositions and ideas of Vienna Classic giving attention to the interdependency between the neohellenic and romantic philhellenic horizons offering new productive ways of approaching musical traditions in the technological age.
Another touchpoint is bridging time and space through innovative ways of music interpretation and initiatives, supporting new ideas by rediscovering traditions and bringing them forward.

Personalities of international repute from the academic, political and art spheres were connected with the Greek Mozart society before and after WWII. During the last decade (2001-2010) were introduced and organized various new activities. Congresses, Advanced education programs, concerts, multimedia presentations and exhibitions at many greek peripheral regions and the greek center as well a fruitful constant collaboration with the Free University of Athens.

A very important conference took place in the year 2003 with high ranking Professors of Musicology in commemoration of Loris Margaritis, the founder of GMS.

The year 2006 marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the Greek Mozart society among other activities acting jointly with the Evangelical Church of Athens, the Orchestra and Choir of Athens University and the Choir of the Ministry of Culture they offered an anniversary concert with Mozart’s religious music.

In the same year was organized for the first time in Greece a Mozart -Congress with the collaboration of Athens and Thessaloniki Universities on the Theme Mozart in Acropolis investigating many aspects of Mozart’s diachrony and reception, also in Greece.

As highlight with a great acceptance was  the realisation of advanced multimedia and media broadcasting applications based on Mozart’s history and his creations in cooperation with the greek Parliament’s Television.

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