European Mozartways

Germany - Augsburg

10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart

31st May to 8th June 2019

Above Augsburg the sky is full of violins when every three years (the next time from May 31 to June 8, 2019) aspiring violinists from all over the world present themselves to an internationally renowned jury at the International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart and play for the coveted Mozart Prize.

Leopold Mozart, father, manager and not least teacher of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus, published in 1756 his "Attempt at a thorough violin school". Till today, this book has remained an equally appreciated as well as dreaded standard work of violin pedagogy. Many violin teachers still use it as the basis of their work, and many students owe Leopold's instructions a sound playing basis.

It is easy to imagine how "thorough" Leopold taught his son. In keeping with Leopold's wishes, the International Violin Competition named after him wants to be an important milestone in the career for today's generation of highly talented young violinists from all over the world, enabling valuable artistic and human encounters and creating profitable relationships.

Top musical performances, judged by an internationally renowned jury, outstanding concerts and a varied supporting program with workshops, master classes and lectures make Augsburg a fiddle mecca for a few days in every competition. Mozart's father would be thrilled!


The livestream is realized by the media laboratory of the University of Augsburg.

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