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Austria - Salzburg: Stiftung Mozarteum

Special Exhibition

Leopold Mozart (1719 – 1787): Musician - Manager - Man

April 5 2019 till February 9 2020 at Mozart's Residence

Who really was Leopold Mozart?

This question is explored in the exhibition honoring the occasion of his 300th birthday. Leopold Mozart was no doubt one of the most interesting and versatile musical personalities of his time: productive composer, longtime court musician and violinist, deputy Kapellmeister, skilled music engraver, music copyist, successful pedagogue, clever teacher and promoter of his gifted children, respected author and scholar, attentive observer, excellent correspondent, loving husband, caring and sometimes lecturing father, gregarious host, educated reader, art collector, passionate visitor of theater and opera, intelligent networker, meticulous organizer, canny tour and concert manager, devout Catholic, Freemason, provocative subject, free thinker, man of the Enlightenment, supporter of musicians’ widows.

All of these, in part still little-known components of the eventful life of Leopold Mozart, are traced in the exhibition that presents rare original letters and music autographs, printed books and documents, in addition to engravings and portraits.


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