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Mozart. The years in Vienna

A handbook of the Mozarthaus Vienna

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The handbook "Mozart: The Years in Vienna", in which the authors, renowned musicologists and Mozart experts give insights into Mozart's artistic life and compositional work starting from the presentation of the Mozarthaus Vienna, is now available in English and German, among others in the museum shop of the Museum.

Mozart's most important years in Vienna

Mozart arrived in 1781 in the metropolis of Vienna, a center of the European Enlightenment with rapid socio-political and scientific developments. The focus of cultural interest was music. As an independent artist, the composer quickly worked on his fame and set signs for the musical future. In the years 1784 to 1787 he lived with his family in the house Domgasse 5, today Mozarthaus Vienna. Here he created major works such as his famous opera "Le Nozze di Figaro" and found his artistic and social recognition in Vienna. The book deals with Mozart's compositional work in Vienna, his performance and activity sites, his artistic and social environment, his personal life circumstances and much more.

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