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300 years Leopold Mozart

Without Leopold no Wolfgang - without Augsburg no Leopold

Legend: 300 years Leopold Mozart

In Leopold Mozart's 300th birthday in 2019, the German Mozart City of Augsburg lives up to its name and celebrates its most important musical son as never before: Mozart Festival, violin competition, biography, museum, civic program and world premiere.

Lighthouse projects: German Mozart Festival and International Violin Competition
Of course, the greatest role is played by the music: Already at the opening concert on January 27, 2019, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthday, the star violinist Lena Neudauer, a world-class congratulator, comes to Augsburg, followed by baritone Michael Volle and the Mozart's city "Orchestra in Residence" the Academy for Early Music Berlin at the end of February.

THE GERMAN MOZART FESTIVAL IN MAY honors the composer, pedagogue and teacher Leopold Mozart in six exclusive concerts. In the historic Augsburg halls and churches great names such as Isabelle Faust, Il Giardino Armonico with Giovanni Antonini and Anna Lucia Richter as well as the Bavarian Radio Choir or the Academy for Early Music Berlin with Christina Landshamer can be experienced. The world stars and native Augsburg Maximilian Hornung and Sarah Christian are once again creating two "freestyle" concerts as part of the Mozart Festival, this time among others with Alexander Melnikov and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen under Jérémy Rhorer.

Immediately after the conclusion of the German Mozart Festival, the 10th International will be launched VIOLIN COMPETITION LEOPOLD MOZART
Benjamin Schmid, the first winner of the 1991 Augsburger violin competition, will give a concert together with the Augsburg Philharmonic and will take over the jury presidency in the following competition. The most gifted young violinists from all over the world will prove in Augsburg that it is not only about perfect virtuosity: Under the new artistic director ECHO Klassik award winner Linus Roth, holistic-thinking musicians and real personalities are sought after. The completely renewed competition concept includes i.a. a valued chamber music rehearsal, a free concert program and a critics jury.

Parallel to the Violin Competition, the third Mozart Festival for children KLING KLANG GLORIA! Will take place in Augsburg - this time the Augsburg children get to know their famous musical ancestor. And if Leopold is in the limelight as a father, as a traveler and as a composer in workshops, interactive exhibitions, children's operas and lovingly crafted children's concerts, then Wolfgang should not be missing!

Deep insights into Leopold Mozart's life will be provided by the world's first scientifically founded Leopold Mozart biography, written by the renowned musicologist Silke Leopold (inter alia editor of the Mozart Handbook) and published in autumn 2019. The biography will focus in particular on Leopold's European thinking as well as his universal network as the basis for the creation of the "miracle of Mozart". Also for children there will be literary news: Successful duo Michael Moratti and Petra Götz ("Das kleine Engele") tell exciting stories about the little Leopold Mozart and his adventures.

From different perspectives, the city of Mozart illuminates its anniversary, which was a teacher, composer, modern European and ingenious networker at the same time. The entirely new permanent exhibition at the Mozarthaus will be designed by the Munich agency unodue and presented in autumn 2019. It will offer visitors of all ages a chance to experience the multifaceted personality of Leopold Mozart, his family and their roots in Augsburg.

The enthusiasm of the urban and free Augsburg culture-makers who are actively shaping their anniversary year through theater productions, dance projects, choir and orchestral concerts, guided tours and exhibitions is very pleasing. 30 ensembles and artists are involved in the approximately 50 events, including Bluespots Productions, Choreoloop, Tim Textile Museum, Augsburg State Theater, Diocesan Museum, Leopold Mozart Center, Fronhof Concerts, Mozartstadt Augsburg Singing and Music School, and several choirs and parishes.

with Christian Tetzlaff and a premiere by Moritz Eggert. For the festive graduation, the city of Mozart congratulates its jubilarian directly on the occasion of its 300th birthday on November 14 2019 with a festive concert. In addition to the world premiere of a commissioned work written by Moritz Eggert, world star Christian Tetzlaff will play a fascinating violin concerto by Joseph Joachim, the legendary dedicatee to the violin concertos by Brahms and Bruch and the author of the most famous violin school after Leopold Mozart. The City of Mozart is already looking forward to this brilliant birthday present!
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