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Music edition of the 21st century

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The Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg presented last Friday a milestone of the Digital Mozart Edition: The Digital Interactive Mozart Edition is the music edition of the 21st century and a pioneering achievement. No other composer’s work is interactively available in this kind of online version, individually and freely accessible to everyone.

DIME - Mozart's music in the digital age
With DIME, the digital interactive Mozart edition, a new era in the handling of the musical works by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart is starting. So far, Mozart's music was only available on the Internet exclusively as pictures of printed editions. The new portal DIME, which was developed by the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg in collaboration with the Packard Humanities Institute in Los Altos, California, for the first time provides digital data that the user can adapt interactively to his needs. This includes a variety of options for selecting works' excerpts, which can also be synchronized with existing sound recordings or played back as MIDI files. DIME also allows the comparison of several works versions authorized by the composer and provides insights into their original sources.
All data are available for private, scientific and educational use free of charge for everyone. Technically savvy users can also download the source codes to integrate them into their own projects or to develop new Mozart apps. Apart from well-known works such as A Little Night Music or the Ave verum, chamber music works such as the string quartets dedicated to the famous Joseph Haydn are available in the starting phase of the project. Mozart's entire work (more than 600 works with 25,000 pages) will gradually be presented in this open digital format, which is optimized for both long-term archiving and new editions.

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