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Augsburger Mozartfeschtle 3.00

January 26 / 27 2019

It's that time again: For the third time around Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthday the Augsburg Mozartfeschtle takes place, a luscious action weekend with Mozart to touch and get involved.

At the Mozartfeschtle 3.00 in Leopold's jubilee year, we are guests at the DAV climbing center, on the Bahn II of the Curt-Frenzel-Stadion, in the Thalia bookshop, in the Alte Stadtbad, in the Akti: f Café, in a tram of Stadtwerke Augsburg and at the Tafeldeckern in the Fuggerei. Thereby being active is for the whole family in the center of the offers: Climbing, ice skating, swimming, tram driving, reading, brunch and dine - everything with Mozart.

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