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Music on wheels

"Don Giovanni" as street opera / Offenbach / Aliceplatz / June 25, 2019 4:00 pm

Legend: © Paul Hiller
On Tuesday, June 25th, the street opera will stop again at 4 pm on Aliceplatz. In the series "Music on Wheels" this time, Mozart's masterpiece "Don Giovanni" will be performed in "paperback format" and invites one to be inspired by the timeless Casanova.

"Music on Wheels" is a project of the International Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Civilization, which takes place in Offenbach in cooperation with the Office for Cultural Management. With this "classical street music", the foundation presents classical music of a very high standard in a rather unusual, relaxed atmosphere - for everyone and without any chic evening wear. The city is the stage, own drinks and snacks may also be brought.

In bad weather, the performance takes place in the town church, Herrnstraße 44.

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