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Austria - Wien: "Mozarthaus Vienna"

New special exhibition at Mozarthaus Vienna Starting February 19 2020 - January 31 2021

The Trias of the viennese classic HAYDN MOZART BEETHOVEN

Legend: copyright: Internationale Joseph Haydn Privatstiftung Eisenstadt
Similarities - parallels - opposites

An exhibition in cooperation with the international Joseph Haydn private foundation Eisenstadt

The common data of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven cover almost a century (1732-1827). They range from baroque to romance. In between lies the era, which has entered the history of music as " Viennese Klassik and in which it was above all these triassic, which influenced and revolutionized classical music sustainably.

In the by Dr. Walter Reicher curated annual special exhibition 2020 at Mozarthaus Vienna, is tracked by selected themes of these three giants of the music world. Mozart and haydn were close friends and played together in Mozart's apartment in Domgasse. Beethoven - whose 250th birthday is celebrated in 2020-would have liked to become a student of Mozart, later Haydn became his teacher. These relationships are investigated in the exhibition as well as other aspects of these outstanding artist personalities. What are your respective contributions to the development of the "Wiener Klassik"? what did you personally associate with each other? What did you think of each other? Can parallels be found in your CV and worldviews? What childhood experiences and teachers did you shape? All these questions - up to their respective afterlife and their different entrances to popular culture - are illustrated in the exhibition by selected objects and texts.

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