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Germany - Mannheim

Mannheimer Summer - European Festival for Music and Theatre from Mozart till today

July 9 - 19 2020

The Mannheim Summer is back for a second round!

Following the successful restructuring of the 2018 festival, we'd like to indulge our desire for contemporary musical theater once again in 2020 by hosting celebrations in the festival center, taking strolls through Schwetzingen, and paying homage to Mozart.

Because Mozart was a composer of the Enlightenment. His era, with its inquisitiveness, skepticism, and revolutionary energy, has inspired us to put together a festival program that rejects all boundaries and integrates all art forms and genres: opera, pop, performance art, visual art, and literature - anything can happen here.

Mozart's opera »The Abduction from the Seraglio« serves as the basis for a series of events that examine the relationship between the Orient and the European art form of opera. The relationship between the two cultures has spanned from isolation to admiration over a period of centuries.

The festival will consist of 10 days packed with international guest performances, in-house productions from Mannheim, concerts, panel discussions, and parties, all of which will encourage guests to reflect on the differences between the Orient and the Occident through the mirror of operatic history and to celebrate those differences in a manner that doesn't involve worn out stereotypes.

We don't know yet what the result will be. But one thing is for sure: The Mannheim Summer will be hot!

Programme available in spring

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