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Italian Tour 2020

Legend: Bella Musica
Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, an Italian tour through Tuscany will start in September as part of the Bella Musica project.

The "Young Ambassadors of the European Mozart Ways" will give concerts in Tuscany from September 1st to 7th with a small ensemble:

4.9. 19:00 Castello di Sezzate - Concerto Sezzate - Firenze
5.9. 14:00 Villa Poggio Imperiale - Visita Firenze
15:30 Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore - Visita Firenze
21:00 Castello di Cafaggio - Concerto Impruneta - Firenze
6.9. 15:00 Duomo di Siena - Visita Siena
18:00 Chiesa di San Salvatore - Concerto Castellina in Chianti - Siena

The program includes works by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi, A. Bruckner and E. Schneider.

The proceeds from the concerts will be donated to the Italian Red Cross for victims of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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