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Germany - Augsburg

Bach on the Stradivari - 10 March 2018 Augsburg / Town hall - Goldener Saal

Linus Roth / Concert in favour of the 10th International Violin Competition 2019

Legend: copyright Linus Roth
Linus Roth, artistic director of the International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart 2019 will give an exclusive concert in honour to this competition on Saturday, March 10 2018, in the Golden Hall of the Town Hall of Augsburg: Bach on the Stradivari.

"Because of their authenticity and directness to music, these masterpieces have something unique and even today they are extremely contemporary, which is always very close to the audience. Johann Sebastian Bach composed the six solo sonatas and partitas in the years 1718 to 1720. The Golden Hall of the Augsburg City Hall is originally from the 17th century, my Stradivarius from the year 1703 - you can not wish for more inspiration as an artist. I'm really looking forward to this special concert! "(Linus Roth)

Join us on this special evening and tune in with this opening concert to a unique Mozart year 2019: Celebrate with us and the city of Augsburg this year as a great celebration for the 300th birthday of Leopold Mozart and the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart.

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