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Germany - Augsburg


May 31 till June 08, 2019 in Augsburg

Legend: copyright Christina Bleier
It is our great pleasure to announce the 10th International Violin Competition Leopold
Mozart, which will be held from May 31 till June 08, 2019 in Augsburg. With the competition
we honor Leopold Mozart, who was born in Augsburg and who was an excellent teacher to his famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus. The year his son was born, Leopold
Mozart published his important Violin School in Augsburg. Thanks to the
historical performance practice, Leopold Mozart‘s Violin School has experienced a
renaissance in recent years.

In the spirit of Leopold Mozart it is our vision to establish a close link through
the International Violin Competition to the next generations of violinists. Our gratitude
goes to our members and sponsors, whose generosity makes it possible for
us to achieve this goal together.

New Artistic Director is German violinist Linus Roth, who has just announced substantial changes. Students and former students of jurors and the Artistic Director will be excluded from competing. The jury will not consist only of violinists, but also of musicians of other instruments and conductors. The competition is looking for a musical personality, who can prove her or himself as a soloist and as a violinist playing with other musicians. As such, a chamber music piece is now an essential part of the programme, the rehearsals of which will be open to the public and can be judged by the jury for the first time.

The Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition has been held by the Leopold Mozart Board of Trustees since 1987 in co-operation with Augsburg University as well as the Mozart Office at the City of Augsburg. Previous prize winners include, among others, Isabelle Faust, Benjamin Schmid and Lena Neudauer.

International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart
Maximilianstraße 59, 86150 Augsburg / Germany, T. 0049 (0) 821 / 324-4892,

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