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26.10. - around 23.12.1767
In the Moravian city of Olomouc the family took lodging in the Black Eagle Inn (Hauenschild Palace). When the first signs of smallpox appeared on Wolfgang, the family moved to the residence of the capitulars deanery (today the Archdiocesan Museum), where they stayed with the dean of the Olomouc Chapter, Count Podstatský. The medic Dr. Joseph Wolff treated Wolfgang and later Nannerl so well, that both finally overcame the dangerous plague. When Wolfgang’s ability to see was in danger, the Chaplain Mr. Hay visited him daily and drew off his attention with various card tricks. During his convalescence the eleven year old Mozart also composed music; his Symphony No. 6 in F Major was written in Olomouc.


Olomouc, today a city of more than one hundred thousand citizens, is situated in the heart of the Haná region, and has long been one of the most important cities in Moravia. Its recent designation as a county seat is but the logical development of the city as a cultural, societal and economic centre, whose history has already been written about for centuries.

Olmütz is the fifth-largest city of the Czech Republic, administrative seat of the Olomouck ý kraj, district capital, seat of an archbishopric, the second-oldest Czech university and one of both Czech upper courts. The city was a historical centre of Moravia till 17-th century and also has today a significant position as a strong commercial, cultural and administrative centre.

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    Hospoda u Černého Orla (Hauenschildův palác) Down Square (Dolní náměstí)
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