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Lodron Primogeniture Palace
Mirabellplatz 1
In 1631, Archbishop Paris Lodron built a Baroque palace for his relatives at Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 15-19.
The Lodron Primogeniture Palace (Mirabellplatz 1) today houses the Mozarteum University for Music and Performing Arts. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart often visited his friends and patrons, the family of Archmarshal Count Lodron, there, and he also enjoyed playing music with his friends at the palace.
In 1776 and 1778, he wrote two serenades, K. 247 and K. 287, for Maria Antonia (1738-1780), the wife of Archmarshal Ernst Maria Johann Nepomuk, Count Lodron (1716-1779), and he dedicated the Concerto for Three Pianos, K. 242 to her and her daughters Maria Aloysia (b. 1761) and Maria Josepha (b. 1764).
The palace was severely damaged by fire in the 18th Century.
In 1972, the entire building apart from the façade was demolished and reconstructed, and at the same time, a large part of the Karl Borromeus Church was pulled down.
Today, the Lodron Primogeniture Palace is used by the Mozarteum University, but the Lodron coat of arms can still be seen at the main entrance.
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