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The Foundation Mozarteum Salzburg (FMS) is a private non-profit organization that focuses on preserving the heritage of Mozart. The foundation was started in 1880 by citizens of the city of Salzburg and has its roots in the “Dom-Musik-Verein und Mozarteum” of 1841.

Every year, around the time of Mozart’s birthday on January 27, the Foundation Mozarteum Salzbourg puts an artistic accent on the European concert scene that can hardly be exceeded: the Mozart Week. Top international orchestras, ensembles, conductors, singers and soloists have been performing here for more than 50 years during the Mozart Week. As a compliment to the Mozart Week, the ISM also organizes the concert cycles “Young Artists”, “Rising Stars” and “Chamber Music in the Viennese Hall” between the end of September and June.

The FMS is the owner and manager of the two original Mozart sites in Salzburg: In the Getreidegasse, the heart of the city, “Mozart’s Birthplace” is the house where Leopold Mozart and his wife, Anna Maria Walburga, lived for 26 years, beginning in 1747. It was here that Nannerl and Wolfgang were born. With their move to the present-day “Mozart’s Residence” on Hannibalplatz on the right bank of the river Salzach in 1773, the Mozart family could finally flee the medieval confinement of the apartment in the Getreidegasse. The ample apartment with eight rooms offered sufficient space for social gatherings with families who were friends of the Mozarts. Young Mozart lived here with his family until 1780.

The third pillar of activity by the FMS is the department for research. The “Mozart-Institute” consists of the Bibliotheca Mozartiana with its Collection of Autographs, the Audio-visual Mozart Collection, the New Mozart Edition and the Digital Mozart Edition.
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Mozarts Journeys

  • 1st Journey: Salzburg to Munich
    1762 - 1762 Map
  • 1st Journey to Vienna
    1762 - 1763 Map
  • 3rd Journey: Paris to London
    1763 - 1766 Map
  • 2nd Journey to Vienna
    1767 - 1769 Map
  • 1st Journey to Italy
    1769 - 1771 Map
  • 2nd Journey to Italy
    1771 - 1771 Map
  • 3rd Journey to Italy
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  • 3rd Journey to Vienna
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  • 2nd Journey to Munich
    1774 - 1775 Map
  • Journey to Paris
    1777 - 1779 Map
  • Journey from Munich to Vienna
    1780 - 1781 Map
  • Journey to Salzburg
    1783 - 1783 Map

Following Mozart

  • Mozart´s birthplace
    Getreidegasse 9
  • Mozart´s Residence
    Markartplatz 9
  • Mozart Archive at Mozart’s Birthplace
    Getreidegasse 9
  • Mozart Sound and Film Collection at Mozart’s Residence
    Makartplatz 8
  • International Mozarteum Foundation Mozart Library
    Schwarzstrasse 26