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Amsterdam Opera ( Grooten Schouburg)
behind #384 Keizergracht/Amsterdam
Arsenal, Kattenburgerplein 1 / Amsterdam
Leopold´s impression of Amsterdam included the Arsenal. today, in this building, the facade is not original, there is an extensive Maritime Museum, the nederlands Scheepvaart Museum.
Binnenhof / The Hague
The Binnenhof, perhaps the most historic area of The Hague, is a large courtyard surrounded by buildings of different periods. The Prince of Orange, Stadtholder Willem V, lived here at the binnehof. Many of Mozart´s activities related to the court must have take pladce in the quarters of the Stadtholder.
East-West India Company, Oostenburgergracht 77 / Amsterdam
The palace of the East-West India company, mentioned in Leopold´s travel notes, still stands today.
Great Church of Saint Bavo - Grote Markt / Haarlem
During their visit to Haarlem Wolfgang played the remarkable organ in the Grote of St.-Bavokerk., regarded by some as the finest in the Netherlands. The organ was completely restoredin 1868; every two years international organ competitions are organized in Haarlem.
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