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Places of Interest
Fountain to Mozart's mother
In front of the Mozart Memorial House, there is a small, inviting garden with a charming fountain by Toni Schneider Manzell, depicting Mozart's mother as a small girl.
Mozart Fountain on the Mozartplatz
The fountain on the Mozartplatz in St. Gilgen shows the young Mozart playing the violin, surrounded by birds spouting water.
The fountain, which dates back to 1926, is the work of the Viennese art nouveau
sculptor, Karl Wollek.
Mozart House St. Gilgen
Mozart's mother, Anna Maria Walburga Pertl, was born in St. Gilgen's former district courthouse, today Mozart House St. Gilgen, on Dec. 25th, 1720.
Mozart's sister, "Nannerl", moves here after her marriage in 1784.

From 1716 - 1724 Mozart's grandfather Wolfgang Nicolaus Pertl held the office of Rechtspfleger (local judge) in St. Gilgen.

The Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Graf Anton von Harrach, charged him with building a new courthouse, a commission fulfilled between 1719 - 1720.

Mozart's mother, Anna Maria Walburga Pertl, was born there on 25 December 1720. In 1724, her father died and the family moved to Salzburg, where she married Leopold Mozart, a native of Augsburg, in 1747.

In 1784, Mozart's beloved sister Maria Anna Ignatia, known as "Nannerl"moved into the house where her mother had been born.
"Nannerl" - herself a great musical talent - married a successor to her grandfather's office, the judge Johann Baptist Berchtold zu Sonnenburg. Nannerl lived in St. Gilgen until her husband's death in 1801.

On the street side of the memorial house is a relief of Mozart's mother and Nannerl by the sculptor Jakob Gruber, which was unveiled in 1906.

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Parish Church
The marriage of Mozart's grandparents took place in the parish church of St. Aegidius and his mother, Anna Maria Walburga Pertl, was christened there on the same day as she was born (25 December, 1720).
Mozart's sister Nannerl married Johann Baptist Berchtold zu Sonnenburg there on 23 August 1784, and Mozart's grandfather and his brother-in-law are buried there.
Open daily from 8:00 a.m. until approx. 7 p.m.
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