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13.12.1769 ● 13.8.1771 ● Summer 1783
On his journeys to Italy, the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart repeatedly travelled from Salzburg in the direction of Tyrol during the years 1769 to 1773 passing Reichenhall on the way. With his father, the young artist visited the cultural-historically attractive neighbouring town, and in the year 1780, he even came to stay for several weeks with his sister Nannerl. The Mozart family enjoyed the hospitality of friends at Reichenhall and considered, according to the chronicle of 1780, the salty alpine brine air of the graduation house in the spa's park to be extremely pleasant.

Mozart having lunch at the "Kaitl"
The Mozart family regularly frequented the historical Kaitl inn in Thumseestrasse within the municipal district of Karlstein, which was well-known for its delicious cuisine. Leopold Mozart points out in his letters for example a special kind of veal as well as boiled beef that were served there. He also particularly mentions Märzenbier, (a special kind of beer brewed in the month of March), which was stored in the beer cellars of the neighbourhood and thus could be served well-cooled.

Mozart visiting St. Zeno
Being the cultural centre of the wider region, the collegiate church of St. Zeno, built during the 12th and 13th centuries, was an attraction regarding sacred music. Since the High Middle Ages, Augustinian canons had participated in the development of monophonic and polyphonic choral music as well as organ music, which is the reason why the Mozart family repeatedly visited St. Zeno's. On one occasion, the Mozart family attended a "Passion opera" at St. Zeno's on Good Friday in the year 1771.
Until the year 1780, the last year Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was in the services of Salzburg's prince bishop, the Mozart family was on good terms with several Reichenhall bourgeois families. The genius even seems to have had a little love affair with Marie Anna Hieber, the daughter of a Reichenhall customs officer, as can be learnt from Amadeus' diaries... the summer of 1783, during his last visit to Salzburg, Wolfgang then came to Reichenhall together with his wife Constance, who he had just married.


In days past, the so-called white gold brought wealth and fame to the region because salt was then actually paid with gold. And when King Max the second made the place his summer resort, Bad Reichenhall got a good reputation as elegant spa in high society. The mild alpine climate, the brine wells and the beauty of the landscape enticed monarchs, statesmen and famous artists to come to the place, which has been allowed to call itself "Bavarian state spa" since 1900.

The town of the brine wells is located 20 km west of the city of Salzburg, immediately at the border of Austria and Germany. The tradition of the Bavarian state spa Bad Reichenhall was then and still is now particularly combined with music. Under the headline "classical music in the Alps", Reichenhall offers several days of music with the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the summer festival AlpenKLASSIK.
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