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14. - 31.1.1771
On their first trip to Italy, Mozart and his father Leopold stopped in Turin from 14 to 31 January 1771 and stayed at the Hotel Dogana Nuova in via Corte d'Appello 4. The building still stands today and the hotel is now run under name of Hotel Dogana Vecchia.
While in Turin, Mozart father and son probably met some personalities of the Savoy court, including Francesco Lascaris di Castellar, the foreign minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia, cavalier Carlo Flaminio Raiberti, count Francesco Teodoro Carron De Brianzone and count d'Aguilar, the Spanish ambassador to Turin.

Little is known about the musicians Mozart may have met, although he probably was introduced to Gaetano Pugnani, a violinist and composer who had recently been appointed concert director of the court orchestra, Alessandro and Paolo Besozzi, and the violinist Carlo Francesco Chiabrano.
What seems very likely, however, is that Mozart met Quirino Gasparini, a noted violoncellist of the time and composer from Bergamo who was active in Turin and held the position of Kapellmeister of the cathedral until his death in 1778.
Interestingly, Gasparini's work, Adoramus te, Christe, which Leopold copied because he thought it an excellent piece, found its way into Mozart's collection of works and so was eventually attributed to him (Köchel Verzeichnis 327).


The capital city of the Region of Piedmont, with its universities and industries, Turin ranks as one of Italy' major cities. Turin still carries an aristocratic rigor in the ordered network of its streets and the noble charm of its buildings and monuments. Founded in the 3rd century BCE, the city expanded in Baroque splendour between the 17th and 18th centuries, growing to a mighty industrial centre in the late 19th century. Today, the city faces new challenges in developing other areas besides the automobile sector to strengthen its competitiveness in the European market.
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