Franz Xaver Mozart's stay in Lviv

Franz Xaver Mozart, besides his brother Carl Thomas the youngest and only surviving child of Wolfgang Amadeus and Constanze Mozart, was not five months old when his father died. Already in 1793 Constance appointed him to the profession of music and gave him the nickname "Amadeus".

In 1808 F.X. Mozart travelled to Lemberg (L'viv / UA), where he visited his cousin A. Lange and from there he started his career as a piano and music teacher of the two daughters of Count Victor v. Baworowski in Steinhübel / Galicia (Podkamien / UA. From 1813 on he lived as a freelance artist in Lviv, which belonged to the Habsburg monarchy from 1772 to 1918 and taught in houses of noble families. Here he came in a close relationship with the Gubernialrat Ludwig Cajetan of Baroni-Cavalcabó and his wife Josephine, b. Countess Castiglioni, which should last lifelong.

On 29.12.1818 FXW began a multi-year concert tour as a pianist, which led him to Vienna until the summer of 1821, where he spent another year until his return to Lviv in October 1822. 1838 FXW finally moved from Lemberg to Vienna and probably in the same house as the family Baroni-Cavalcabó, who had moved there shortly before.

LvivMozArt - "Inspired by Mozart"

In Lviv, Franz Xaver succeeded in transforming the artistic environment and founded the first professional music society - St. Cecilia Gesellschaft. In 2017 on the initiative of the famous Ukrainian conductor with a successful international career - Oksana Lyniv, the international festival of classical music "LvivMozArt" was founded, which since then has artistically lead by her. Patron of the festival is the youngest son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Xaver.

As a platform for artistic exchange and cooperation, the festival brings together the best Ukrainian and international musicians who play at unconventional concert venues (castles, churches, synagogue ruins, tram depot) and fill the largest concert halls with enthusiastic audiences with new concept ideas. The festival features numerous concerts, modern performances, opera performances, exhibitions, scientific symposia, children's programs and musical-literary presentations. Each year, the festival extends
its boundaries, inviting the stars of today's opera and concert world (Charles Castranova, Pumeza Matsikiza, Zoryana Kushpler, Nuttaporn Thammathi, Vivi Vassileva, Sunnyi Melles, Abraham Brody and many others). In addition to opera performances and classical repertoire, the festival also features little-known music by Franz Xaver Mozart as well as works by Ukrainian composers.
Thanks to international support and active cooperation with numerous international embassies and institutions such as the Embassy of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian Chancellery Austria, the Austrian Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg, the Institut Francais, the OeAD Cooperation Office Lemberg and others, the festival plays a major role in the cultural-diplomatic level of the country.


Lviv is an ancient city that has long been recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine. The city was built in the 13th century by King Danylo Halytsky and named after the heir of the king, his son of Lev. Lviv is part of the region of Galicia, where the Ukrainian traditions and culture are particularly rich and respected.

Lviv has long been a trading center, as it is located at the intersection of routes between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. Lviv has the largest number of architectural monuments in Ukraine, and the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Lviv is a city at the crossroads of different cultures, which has taken over the Austrian charm and cultural atmosphere of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

One of the first music educators who founded the first professional music community in Lviv and cared for the cultural life of the city was W. A. Mozart youngest son - Franz Xaver Mozart.

Until today Lviv is considered a cultural Mecca for tourists who want to visit Ukraine and get acquainted with their history, culture and spirit. The city is full of impressive events, cultural festivals, museums, galleries, monasteries and churches.
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