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10 (?).2.1771 ● 12.-14.3.1771
W. A. Mozart and his father visited Padova twice during their 1st trip to Italy.
The first stay was on their way to Venice. During the second stay in mid-March 1771, the Mozarts met the music theorist Padre Francesco Antonio Valotti at the Antonius Monastery and Giovanni Ferrandini, with whom Wolfgang played the harpsichord. Mozart also played the organ in San Giustina. Don Giuseppe d'Aragona de Ximenez, who held musical academies in his palace, commissioned Wolfgang to compose the oratorio "Betulia Liberal" K, 118. Mozart composed the oratorio in Salzburg in 1771, but there is no record of a performance in Padova.

In the association, Padova is represented by the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto. The orchestra was founded in October 1966 and in over fifty years of activity it has established itself as one of the leading Italian orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls in Italy and abroad.

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