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Italy | Napoli, Caserta


14.5 - 25.6.1770
Thanks to numerous letters of recommendation, the Mozarts were soon adopted by Naples`high society. Wolfgang performes in an "Accademia", where even the King and the Quenn were see. Several excursions led them to Portici, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capodimonte and to the Vesuvius. Today the Vesuvius is smoking quite a lot, damned hell, and does not stop, Wolfgang reported.


The Neapolitan dialect is said to be the best known of the Italian language in the world. This comes as no surprise: music, as we know, is a universal language and it is easy to remember the accompanying lyrics. And Neapolitan songs are known throughout the world. Who has not heard or sung "O sole mio" at least once? And yet, the diffusion of the Neapolitan dialect hides another truth: Neapolitan is not a dialect, it is a true and proper language that expresses and transmits an autonomous culture, formed and consolidated over the centuries. Naples, in short, has a history apart. And it is for this that it is so well-known, beloved and visited: because there is no other city like it in the world, with its inimitable characteristics. It fascinates and conquers whoever stays therefore even for a short time. And how could it be otherwise when confronted with the beauty of its sea, the fascination of its history, the good humour of its people, and the beauty of the innumerable architectural treasures of all eras and all styles that grace the city? A fascination and ability to enchant, throughout the whole of Campania, the region of which Naples is the capital.
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  • 1st Journey to Italy
    1769 - 1771 Map

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