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13. - 14.12.1769 (Lofer)
Lofer is a small village 42 km south of Salzburg. In W.A.’s era, this was roughly the distance of a daily coach drive. Therefore, Mozart father and son arrived there on the the first evening of their first Italian journey and spent the night in the building which today hosts the HOTEL POST.

St. Gilgen
The well known tourist-resort in Salzkammergut was home to three persons of formative influence on W.A’s life – his grandfather lived & worked there, his mother was born there (Hüttenstein) and his sister Nannerl lived there.


Of course, the province of Salzburg is appealing, not only because of its impressive landscapes, but also because of the broad cultural life which thrives in the city and state. Whether at the world-famous festival in the City of Salzburg, or during country Harvest Festival celebrations - there are always festivals that will appeal to all your senses and sensibilities. And our extraordinarily beautiful landscapes form a backdrop that couldn't be more perfect. Authentic Mozart related places in the province are City of Salzburg, St. Gilgen and Lofer. The "Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung" department for culture represents the province of Salzburg in the Association European Mozart Ways.

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Following Mozart

  • The former district court
    St. Gilgen
  • Fountain to Mozart's mother
    St. Gilgen
  • Mozart Fountain on the Mozartplatz
    St. Gilgen
  • Parish Church
    St. Gilgen
  • Post Inn