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Probably October 1790
Johann Anton Andre (1775 - 1842) was an enthusiastic musician and an outstanding violinist. After his father's death he took over the music printing press founded in 1774 as well as the music shop and signed a contract with Constanze Mozart, whereby he purchased the musical legacy of the composer. At the same time he brought Alois Senefelder from Munich to Offenbach am Main and had him set up the first lithographic presses in his publishing house. The Offenbach Archive of the still existing Andre company contains extremely valuable lithographic first editions of Mozart's works according to the original notes and is an unique source for musical research. The original manuscripts themselves were however let go or passed around from 1854 on by the heirs and are now dispersed.


Offenbach turns up for the first time in historical documents in April, 977. For centuries it remained a sleepy village of fishermen and farmers.

In 1699 the tolerant and progressively-minded Counts of Isenburg encouraged the immigration of Huguenots, who had been suffering persecution in France, and from 1708 on of Jews into the town. He granted both groups trade privileges and their economic activity led to major changes in commercial and cultural life within the community.

Massive expansion in the industrial sector during the 19th century in Offenbach and in Germany as a whole enabled Offenbach to rise to the rank of a major city.

In the midst of the Rhein-Main region, right next door to Frankfurt, Offenbach is these days a city caught up in a metamorphosis, a transition from a community formed very much by the leather goods and other industries to one concentrating on the service sector - and all within the last three decades.
As of 2005 Offenbach's population stands at 118,000 inhabitants.

Offenbach must be counted as a Mozart city or a part of the Mozart region Rhein-Main, because
  • it preserved the complete Mozart legacy for over 50 years, from 1799 till 1854

  • it was responsible for the world's first commercial lithographic print-run of musical notes (Mozart's piano concertos)

  • the Andre company's monopoly of lithographic publishing according to the original notes started here

  • the authoritative Köchel-Index of Mozart's works was based on work carried out in Offenbach
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