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3. - around 10.8.1763 ● 31.8 - 13.9.1763 ● 16. - 21.10.1790
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself visited two times Mainz travelling through Europe.
His first visit was in August/September 1763 during the extensive "Great Wesern" trip of 1763 -66 to Paris. The Mozart family - Mozart at the age of 7 years - lodged in the Baroque House "König von England" near the market. His father Leopold gave a public concert at "Roman King" Inn and afterwards travelled for some concerts to Frankfurt. There the 14 years old Goethe heard Mozart. Returned to Mainz Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl gave a further concert in Mainz, before travelling to Koblenz.

Mozart stopped for the second time in Mainz returning from Frankfurt to Vienna and lodged at "Arnsberger Hof". Fascinated by the organ builders Stumm brothers Mozart probably played on the still existing Stumm Organ at St. Augustine Church. He also gave a concert at the Elector's Palace in the Academy Room before travelling to Mannheim.


Mainz is located on the left bank of the river Rhine, opposite the confluence of the Main River with the Rhine. Without doubt: Mainz has an impressive past. Sometimes the Roman relics give away the fact that it has a 2 000 year heritage, sometimes the magnificent baroque buildings remind one of the times of the Electors. The best architects and the most talented sculptors created the general character of the city in the 17th century and founded unique palaces for the nobility, as well as new churches. Already since the Roman era, the central city on the Rhine was the bishop's see.

The "Villa Musica Rheinland Pfalz" is representing the province of Rheinland Pfalz and therewith also the City of Mainz in the European Mozart Way Association.

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Following Mozart

  • St. Augustine Church
    Augustinerstraße 34
  • Gasthof zum Römischen König
    Grebenstraße 26
  • Cathedral St. Martin and Stephan
    am Markt
  • Site of the -King of England- Inn
  • Roman Emperor - Inn
    Liebfrauenplatz 5