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On two occasions, Paris provided an important destination for Mozart's travels.
On the "Great Western" trip, which Mozart's father Leopold undertook with the family in order to introduce his child prodigies to the world, the children were lavished with gifts and other selected royal favours. Years later, when W.A. Mozart returned as an adult, he wanted to develop as a musician and perhaps find a more stable professional position. But this time, his level of success was limited. Additionally, his mother fell sick in Paris and passed away. These events led Mozart to leave Paris for home, earlier than planned. But as we know today, during these difficult Paris months, W.A. Mozart wrote some of his most acknowledged masterpieces.


Paris is the capital city of France, as well as the capital of the Île-de-France région. Built on an arc of the River Seine, it is divided into two parts: the Right Bank to the north and the smaller Left Bank to the south. Known worldwide as the City of Light (la Ville Lumière), Paris has been a major tourist destination for centuries. The city is renowned for the beauty of its architecture, its urban perspectives and avenues, as well as the wealth of its museums. Formerly the capital of a colonial empire stretching over five continents, Paris is still regarded as the heart of the French-speaking world and has retained a strong international position, hosting the headquarters of the OECD and the UNESCO among others. This, combined with its financial, business, political, and tourism activities, have turned Paris into one of the major transportation hubs in the world. Alongside New York, London, and Tokyo, Paris is among the four most important global cities.

Paris and Ile de France is represented in the assiociation by Fondation Royaumont.

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