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Mozart’s stay in the Netherlands

Mozart and his family stayed in the Netherlands from September 1765 to April 1766. Invitated by Caroline, Princes of Nassau Weilburg, they travelled from France via England and Belgium to the Netherlands.
In the Hague Nannerl got ill first and later on also Wolfgang fell ill, suffering from typhus. At the request of the Princes both of them were treated by the royal doctor and luckily he was able to cure them both.
In the Netherlands concerts were given in the cities Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague and they also stayed in Moerdijk and Rotterdam.
While in the Netherland Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed no less than twelve musical works, including two symphonies, K.22 and K.45a/A221, and Galli Matthias Musicum, K.32.

How do we see Mozart today? Mozart was a real European, what can we say about this in our modern view to Europe.
Furthermore we will look at Mozart in the Netherlands. When Mozart visited our country he was just a little boy and visited Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Moerdijk and Haarlem. During his visit in The Hague he and his sister Nannerl got very ill but fortunately the doctor of the princes was able to cure both of them.
At Den Haag the Mozart sonatas K. 26-31 have been edited for the first time.

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Following Mozart

  • Site of the Golden Lion Inn, Warmoesstraat / Amsterdam
    28 January 1766 and mid-April 1766 / demolished
  • Oude Kerk, Oude Kerksplein / Amsterdam
  • Royal Palace (former City Hall), Dam / Amsterdam
  • Nieuwe Kerk, Gravenstraat 17 / Amsterdam
  • Site of the publishing firm of Johann Julius Hummel, near Dam square / Amsterdam
    March and April 1766