Conference European Mozart Ways to convey music

Salzburg, November 11 / 12


Over the years, a number of orchestras, concert halls and promoters have been developing a variety of approaches in order to bring classical and contemporary music within closer reach for new audiences of all ages.

The need for a timely musical involvement of children, teenagers, adults and families is now firmly established in the public consciousness, embracing the high importance of music for
the development of personality in the individual, and for the cultural awareness in society.

This workshop aims to demonstrate innovative and creative forms of music education for specific targets.

Different program models will be presented in their aspects of design, organization, operations, and financing, thereby opening a forum and cross-border exchange between newcomers
and experts in the field.

The European Mozart Ways thus initiate another networking platform for the future, both within its structure and outwards: the „The Young Mozart Ways“.

The congress starts on November 11 at 10:00 am with the visit of "Lausch" Linsten-in concert and ends on November 12 after Lunch.

November 11 - 12 2011
Parkhotel Brunnauer, Salzburg

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Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum - Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum - Kultur Land Salzburg - Deutsche Mozart-Gesellschaft

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