European Mozartways

First Journey of W.A Mozart to Italy - December 13 1769 - March 28 1771

Kick Off 13 December


W. A. Mozart's trip with his father Leopold has its 250th anniversary. Therefore, in cooperation with the International Mozarteum Foundation, a kick-off event will take place on December 13th at 3:00 pm in the Vienna Hall.

The musical accompaniment will be created by the children's orchestra of the Mozarteum Foundation and the Italian Violinist Clarissa Bevilacqua. Ulrich Leisinger, head of the scientific department of the Mozarteum Foundation will give a short keynote speach on the first trip to Italy. Maria Majno, President of the European Mozart Weg and Giaccomo Fornari, Director of the Bolzano Academy of Music, will be reporting on the anniversary in Italy.

When Wolfgang Amadé Mozart left for Italy for the first time, he was a musically educated teenager who had already seen the world. Nevertheless, Italy was a special destination, and it was not just about every grand tour that young aristocrats undertook as part of their education. And Leopold, too, was aware of the significance of this important stage on the son's further musical path. The correspondence of Mozart draws a vivid picture of her travels and at the same time allows to trace them in detail.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the places that are part of Mozart's European itineraries have developed a joint program. It is intended to reflect the versatility that still characterizes the various sites, while at the same time honoring Mozart's uniqueness with suitable musical offerings. Finally, the program should also draw the attention of the interested tourist to the various aspects that make up the particular attractiveness of Italian cities.
The anniversary offers the opportunity to present the first initiatives and to present perspectives with regard to Mozart's two subsequent trips to Italy.