European Mozartways

“there is more to Mozart”

Film/Video - Moving Pictures Project


From the beginning main focus of the network European Mozart Ways was to make the person W. A. Mozart, his life, his work and his European-style personality tangible for children and young people.

For that the Member Land Salzburg developed the network-wide projectline „On the way to Mozart – Young Mozart Ways“ with various subproject.

What Mozart means for each of us, in what way he could be inspiration and an example and why his life and his work are so unique should be discovered through creative approaches in musical, pictorial and creative,  "young" activities ... and perhaps be experienced for the first time.Through the exchange without national borders also important objectives of the European Community can be implemented.

For all projects the young people are expected to come into direct contact with artists, musicologists and Mozart experts.
Results of the projects are presented on the web portals of the EMW or and posted on Facebook.

The project concept “there is more to Mozart” has been realized in Salzburg in spring 2016 for the first time.

“ there is more to Mozart”

Target groups:
Pupils, 10 – 18 years of age. (music, visual education, language)

Project content:
As part of school projects video productions, musical and scenic performances in duration about 5-10 minutes should be developed. (YouTube compatible format, 1:9 or 4:3 – anyway landscape format).

The preoccupation with the personality of Mozart, his experiences in the European cities and towns inhabited and visited by him as well as its effect and its possible importance for young people today are the main focus. The implemantation occurs with a cultural technology (Film / Video "(moving images and animations), which is open to all young people and used in everyday life.
It aroused the interest: why Mozart, classical music ?, who was this genius, what is behind this genius?, what does he/his music tell us / young people today ?, Mozart was born in Salzburg - so what ?; what do we do with this great heritage? ... Perhaps there are valuable information, "word donations" of musicians or else passers ...?

Previous implementation:

• Privatgymnasium Borromäum/Salzburg, Austria: „on the way with Mozart“
A Video documentation of the choir tour of the choir d „Amadeo“ (Young Ambassadors of European Mozart Ways) in Mozarts footsteps to Rome

• Bundesgymnasium Nonntal/Salzburg, Austria „what´s about Mozart? - when Mozart was my age“ (an intercultural approach to the subject); 

Beide Videos wurden anlässlich des Österreichweiten Aktionstages „Kulturelle Bildung in Schulen“ am 24.5.2016 in Salzburg präsentiert und wurden vom Land Salzburg finanziell gefördert. Both videos were presented at the Austria-wide Action Day "cultural education in schools" on 24 May 2016 in Salzburg and were funded by the Province of Salzburg.

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