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BELLA MUSICA - Orchestra Giovanile Europea

Young Ambassadors of European Mozart Ways




The BELLA MUSICA - Orchestra Giovanile Europea of the University Mozarteum Salzburg will be the first orchestra to be named "Young Ambassadors of the European Mozart Ways" at the Wiener Saal (Schwarzstrasse 26) on 23 August 2017 at 02:00 p.m.. The president of the Landtag Dr. Brigitta Pallauf will hand over the document. The publication of the book "BELLAMUSICA TOSCANA - SALISBURGO 2011-2016" will follow.

One day later, 24 August 2017, the orchestra will start its this year concert tour, which takes it to some of the most famous places in Italy

The BELLA MUSICA - Orchestra Giovanile Europea is a project by the Pre-College Salzburg of the University Mozarteum (under the leadership of Georg Steinschaden) under the artistic direction of its founder, Stefan David Hummel, together with Kai Röhrig (orchestra) and Dominik Šedivý (choir).
Young students from Austria, Italy and Germany meet to study chamber music and orchestral works together and present them on concert tours both at home and abroad.
In the footsteps of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and Grand Duke Ferdinand III. Of Toscana, the young musicians are made aware of the historical connections between Italy, Austria and Germany by means of the concert venue along Mozart's historical travel routes.
The members of the orchestra BELLAMUSICA also perform as a choir and were recently invited by representatives of the Vatican to frame the Sunday Mass of the cathedral chapel as a choir in St. Peter's Basilica on August 27.

In 2011, as a project initiated by the Salzburg Rudolf Steiner School, BELLA MUSICA was taken over by the University Mozarteum in 2016. Already in 2014 a cooperation of the project with the Department for Music Education at the University Mozarteum was decided. This provides the opportunity for approaching music educators of the subject orchestra didactics to take over coordinating assignments during the rehearsals and concerts and to gain first experience in the field of orchestral music.
Dr. Hans Ernst Weidinger, co-initiator and since the beginning also generous patron of the project, supports BELLA MUSICA with the employees of the scientific and artistic institution "STVDIVM FÆSVLANVM" of the Hollitzer Group.


The Cultural Network European Mozart Ways (EMW), founded on occasion of the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart as an initiative by the Province of Salzburg, connects authentic places visited by Mozart, cities and sites in ten European countries and has the title "Major Cultural Route "as part of the cultural route program by the Council of Europe. The EMW is the only cultural route that focuses on a musician at the centre of their activities. These include the revival of tourist routes, the promotion of artistic / cultural and scientific cooperation, and above all educational / mediation projects.
What Wolfgang Amadé Mozart means for each of us, in which way he could be a stimulus and example, whereby his life and work are so unique and what effect his music still has on us, is to be found in the network-wide project line: "On the way to Mozart” - Mozart is discovered and experienced through creative approaches in musical, but also pictorial and creative "young" ways.
Since 2014 outstanding youth choirs and orchestras, who also have works by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart in their repertoire, have been appointed Young Ambassadors of the European Mozart Ways. The young musicians should spread and experience the consciousness of a common European cultural heritage through Mozarts Music on their travels and during their concert.