European Mozartways

European Mozart Ways & the Huguenot and Waldenserpfad

Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Cultural Routes by the Council of Europe


Many interested citizens, city and church representatives of the City of Offenbach and from the Rhine-Main region celebrated the 30th anniversary of the European Cultural Routes by the Council of Europe at the French-Reformed Church and in the House of the History of the City of Offenbach on 3 November 2017.

The historical "hinge" of both routes is the Huguenot family André, who founded a music publishing house in Offenbach in the 18th century and subsequently edited the works of Mozart with novel printing techniques. The story of the entertaining Mozart was theatricalized in the speeches by Birgit Grün (European Mozart Ways), Dr. Renate Buchenauer (Huguenots andWaldenserpfad) and Stephan Färber (City Councilor of the town of Offenbach) as well as the fate of the religious refugees, who gave the town's history significant impetus.

Pastor Schneider-Trotier warmly welcomed the guests in the French-Reformed Church, music by André and Mozart underpinned the celebration. In the Haus der Stadtgeschichte Dr. Jürgen Eichenauer the dollhouse of the family d'Orville, before the evening ended with talks of the guests.